Helium Vote

Helium Vote is where the Helium Community comes together to make decisions on the Network.

Each vote will be driven by a Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP). When HIPs are ready for voting, they will appear here.

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How does it work?

The number of votes going towards each voting choice is determined by your HNT and staked HNT wallet balance - this is known as Voting Power. To cast a vote, submit a burn transaction using the wallet of your choosing. Total cost of a burn transaction is 35,000 DC or approximately $0.35.

Final votes will be tallied at the block deadline and data credits burned to each vote choice will be purged from the Network. This is our first attempt at an on-chain voting system and an exciting step towards decentralized governance. The votes here are intended to capture community sentiment and support the current rough consensus mechanism.