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HIP 42
Temp Check

Beacon/Witness Ratio

Author: @anthonyra

This proposal seeks to regulate the number of witnesses a Hotspot is rewarded for based on the success of beacons. By tying the reward for witnesses of Hotspots to successful beacons, we incentivize healthy network coverage. Votes for this HIP are considered a temperature check. The implementation of this HIP is not guaranteed and is subject to follow‑up votes.

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Jan 16, 2022 at 3:10:20 am

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Temperature Check This vote acts as a check in order to gauge community sentiment.

Final Results

For Beacon/Witness Ratio(74.17%)

679,384.27 HNT2,959 Votes

Against Beacon/Witness Ratio(25.83%)

236,604.92 HNT1,123 Votes
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