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HIP 51
Economic / Technical

Helium DAO

HIP 51 seeks to allow Helium and its token HNT to become a ‘Network of Networks’, opening the door for multiple network protocols and multiple tokens to exist in the ecosystem. For the IoT network, Hotspots would start earning a new token called $IOT, while 5G Hotspots would earn a token called $MOBILE. All new tokens are backed by HNT and can always be converted to HNT. Existing holdings of HNT remain unaffected. This HIP provides a general structure for onboarding new network protocols, of which HIP 52: LoRaWAN DAO and HIP 53: 5G DAO exist as two current proposals. HIP 51 aims to create an economy where the underlying HNT-Data Credit burn-and-mint equilibrium continues to power the Helium Flywheel, while Proof-of-Coverage rules and earnings are dictated by each corresponding subDAO. Approving this HIP implies that the community has reviewed the implementation. We will consider this proposal as approved if it passes with 2/3 of the vote power by the deadline. Join the conversation on Discord and see the #hip‑51‑helium-dao channel for more details.

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Jun 8, 2022 at 2:22:57 am

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