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HIP 80

Simplifying the DAO Utility Score

HIP 80 proposes a new DAO Utility Score formula, removing the number of Hotspots and their onboarding fees and instead using only the square root of the product of DC Burn and delegated veHNT. Additionally, a DC Burn Floor is added for all subDAOs with a 5x higher floor for the IOT subDAO. Although the onboarding fee is no longer relevant to the DAO Utility Score, the HIP proposes to maintain a $5 onboarding fee as revenue and spam resistance for the subDAO. As a one-time exception, all MOBILE Hotspots onboarded prior to the implementation of HIP 70 shall be considered onboarded to both the MOBILE and the IOT subDAOs. The specific updates to the formula can be seen in the HIP. Approving HIP 80 implies that the community has reviewed the implementation. The HIP 80 vote is running concurrently with HIP 81. Both proposals should be voted on independently. We would consider this proposal as approved if it passes with 2/3 of the vote power by the deadline. If both fail to reach a super majority, the original DAO Utility Score specified in HIP 51 will be implemented. Join the conversation on Discord and see the #hip-80-simplifying-dao-utility-score channel for more details.

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